podcast photoI am a social theorist and sociologist of medicine, science, knowledge, and media. I teach sociology at Boston College’s Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, and coordinate the Taking Care of Us (TCU) project at Boston College’s Connell School of Nursing. In my forthcoming book with Routledge called Pandemics, Authoritarian Populism and Science Fiction: Medicine, Military, and Morality in American Film, I focus on elements of authoritarian populism in popular films, regarding moralities of inter-group relations, and representations of medical science and the military. I am editor of two volumes on Frankfurt School critical theory and authoritarian populism: Critical Theory and Authoritarian Populism, published by University of Westminster Press in 2018, and How to Critique Authoritarian Populism: Methodologies of the Frankfurt School, published in 2021 by Brill. I am also co-author with Felipe Ziotti Narita of O Problema Do Populismo, published by Paco Editoriale in 2019, and The Society of the Selfie: Social Media and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy (forthcoming). I am also founder and director of the Critical Theory Research Network.